Aug 7

Written by: Molsbee Roofing Inc
8/7/2012 12:31 PM 

There are many things that can cause damage to roofs. If a roof is damaged or is not functioning correctly it can cause damage to other parts of the structure, resulting in expensive repairs. 

Leaks are the most common source of damage to roofs. When a leak becomes visible in the form of dripping from a wall or ceiling or bulges in dry walling, some structural damage may have already occurred. An annual roof inspection can help prevent extensive structural damage.

Southern Florida is prone to violent weather events, particularly in the summer months. While hurricanes might completely destroy a roof a passing summer storm can create substantial roof damage. Again, the best way to avoid problems associated with bad weather is to have your roof inspected annually.

Pooling water on roofs particularly on flat roofs will damage roofs over time if left untreated. Having a roof recoated periodically will greatly extend the life of a roof.

Molsbee Roofing Inc. offers roofing inspections and a full line of products to keep the integrity of your roof intact for years to come.

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